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Removes 99.99% chlorine, impurities, harmful substances and heavy metals from the tap water as well as agricultural chemicals...

Because  good drinking water equipment need to have the functions:

1. Removes 99.99% chlorine, impurities, harmful substances and heavy metals from the tap water as well as agricultural chemicals, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, haloform, etc.

2. The filtered water retains its beneficial minerals and the clusters of water molecules are the smallest possible (4 to 6 molecules), allowing optimum uptake into the cells and preventing oxidation.

3. The filtered water has a very high anti-oxidative value, so that free radicals are neutralized.

4. EAURICA's filtered water has a very high oxygen content, which is good for our blood.

5. The filtered water has the capacity to remove harmful substances such as pesticides, hormones, mercury, etc.: immersing your vegetables, fruit, fish, even meat in EAURICA’s filtered water for at least 20 minutes and rinsing them with this water can remove harmful substances, also stay fresh and keep better.


EAURICA's water filter system is the right choice for a healthier and happier life. And you, are you ready for a healthier, happier and harmonious life?

For more information see EAURICA blogs and in my book "LIVING WATER."

Warning: although the author does her best to ensure that the information provided is correct and unambiguous, she can not in any way guarantee that it is adapted to any individual situation. This information is therefore provided "as is" and without any form of guarantee of result. Thus, the author can not be held responsible for any damage related to a misinterpretation of her comments by the user/reader. Consequently, and for any supposed or proven disease or pathology, the author expressly invites the user/reader to consult his/her doctor who remains, in any case, the only person able to establish a diagnosis and to define, possibly, the adapted treatments.

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