Our body is not a garbage

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Our body is not a garbage can, where you can put anything into it...

Most of the fruits and vegetables that we eat every day contain chemicals. These chemicals are called pesticides and are used by growers to keep diseases away from their crops, sometimes leaving residue on these fruits and vegetables.

This residue is usually not visible without a scientific microscope. Although we do not see this residue, it is still being consumed. Too many of these chemicals can harm our health. If vegetables and fruit are eaten raw, without being properly washed, you take in chemicals. And what about the water you use to wash them?

This is important because pesticides can cause cancer. They can also damage your nervous system and reproductive system. They can even cause birth defects. If possible, buy organic fruits and vegetables so that you know that no pesticides have been used on your products.

Regardless of whether you are buying organic or not, it is important to wash your fruit and vegetables thoroughly in EAURICA filtered water to remove any residues.


Eaurica water is filtered through a carbon filter and has a high antioxidant value and thus has the ability to remove chemicals by immersing them in this water for 30 minutes, renewing the water, immersing it again and then rinse under the filtered water.

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