Respect Nature, respect yourself

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“The Earth doesn’t belong to man, man belongs to the Earth.” Chief Seattle

Will we ever feel safe?

Nowadays, everyone just talks and waits for a better world, a world full of love, rest, peace and harmony where everyone, especially our children, feel safe, may play freely and enjoy the wonderful, healthy nature. Living in a healthy nature is a paradise here on Earth, a blessed place. And so, if a man wants to survive, then he has to care with all his conscience for the nature as his most beloved and loved possession. The man is in all facets dependent to nature.

We all know that nature doesn’t need the man but on the contrary, it is the man who needs the nature for without healthy nature there is no life possible here on Earth.     

Our Mother Earth is known to be the only planet to support physical life. Our life here on Earth is limited and short, but the damage we cause to her is awfully large. However, if each and everyone of us is willing to take some simple steps to participate in saving Mother Earth, we can make a huge contribution. We are all in the same boat and cannot ignore the fact that the time has come to start living more consciously, mindfully and in harmony with nature.
We and our children are the guarantors of the future of the Earth. That is why we have to teach our children to show how to respect and protect nature not only by words, but also in action. In the first place is to teach them how to treat water with reverence.


Drinking pure, rich water (= EAURICA) is the first step to a conscious lifestyle. EAURICA is very pleased to introduce to you its special water purification system that allows each and every one of us to take responsibility towards Nature. By doing so, we become part of a solution, being attentive to every detail in life and at the same time with respect therefore...

It is a true blessing to enjoy drinking pure, rich water direct from EAURICA water filter system. Drinking filtered, pure, rich and structured water may prevent diseases and redeem ourselves in a natural and healthy way.

From now on everyone is given the opportunity to personally produce their own LIVING WATER at home. This is in a simple, effective and inexpensive and healthy solution.

By doing so, we understand that we have to live according to the Law of Nature, respecting everything that comes from the Source.



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Warning: although the author does her best to ensure that the information provided is correct and unambiguous, she can not in any way guarantee that it is adapted to any individual situation. This information is therefore provided "as is" and without any form of guarantee of result. Thus, the author can not be held responsible for any damage related to a misinterpretation of her comments by the user/reader. Consequently, and for any supposed or proven disease or pathology, the author expressly invites the user/reader to consult his/her doctor who remains, in any case, the only person able to establish a diagnosis and to define, possibly, the adapted treatments.

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