The tap water that we use every day has many aspects and caracteristics we sometimes don't think about :

Most of the time tap water comes from rivers : rivers often contain chemical wastes (industries, pesticides, medicines, hormones, etc.), heavy metals (tires, electronic devices, etc.), human wastes and rubbish, plastics, and other pollutants. Therefore, in order to sanitize it, river water is collected in a processing plant, sterilized and disinfected with the aid of chlorine and UV light.

The benefit of this type of treatment is that users get a germ free tap water at home thus users and don't get sick because of viruses or bacteria. The disadvantage is that through this kind of disinfection and/or treatment, water loses its vitality and heavy metals may remain in it. The Bio-photons research of the institute of Prof. Popp shows deterioration of water quality through UV light treatment.

Thus, our tap water has probably good quality as we consider its sanitary aspect. But, if we consider nutritive and vital aspects water should comply to, then we understand that tap water should need to be vitalized.

An alternative to tap water is spring or mineral water. However, it is important to pay attention to the quality of this water : in fact a lot of bottled spring or mineral water contain a high level of minerals. On the long term, high mineral-rich spring water can be stressful for the organs, especially for the liver and the kidneys. At last, mineral water with carbon dioxide is not recommended because carbon dioxide is acidifying. Therefore, this kind of water is also “dead water”.

Tap water or just water, even mineral water cannot always absorb in our cells (due to the UV light treatment) so that dehydration can take place and with all its negative consequences. All kinds of new diseases occur, diseases that were not there before or simply did not exist.").

Negative effects of ELECTROSTRESS & ELECTROLYSIS in the water :

Destructuration of the water in our body is done through negative consciousness and harmful artificial electromagnetic frequencies and radiations. However, these are not the only cause of destructuration. Destructuration also takes place in our drinking water through automatic processing and transport, ionization, distillation and artificial ionization.

Various methods of water purification equipment use electrolysis. During this electrolysis, water is mainly electrocuted, whereby hydrogen bonds that are so essential for the ability to function as a liquid crystal are broken.

Although this water shows an increase in pH and its surface tension is smaller, nothing happens to essentially improve the water bonding, rather a degradation of the CRYSTALLOGRAPHY occurs, it is torn.

“PREVENTION IS BETER THAN CURE,” besides it is cheaper & healthier.

The first two and also the most important rules for a healthy and happy life are:

1. Drink two liters of LIVING WATER daily
2. Protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation

There are only 2 types of water on earth:

1. Dead water or what can be regarded as dead water: tap water (usually contains chlorine, nitrate, etc.), water in plastic bottles (PET/BPA, UV radiation for storage), river water is contaminated, well water (immature water)
2. Living water: Living/structured water is purified, vital, structured.

Dead water draws energy from your body, while living water provides energy.

What is living water and why is it so important?

According to Dr. Kohfink, “Water is life, but only if it lives.”
Only living water is suitable for drinking, it is absorbed into our cells because it has small clusters of water molecules (4 to 6 microclusters).Only living water has a high anti-oxidation value. Only living water prevents dehydration. Our body consists of more than 75% structured water.

This means that the quality of the water we drink daily has a huge impact on the quality of our health.

For more info, please read my book “LIVING WATER, the Source to quench our physical & spiritual thirst.”

EAURICA water filter system produces structured / living water = pure, vital, only living water is suitable for promoting your health.

Examples of special recommendation:

- for pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding
- for small children (porridge bottle, etc.), giving them bath in free-chlorine water
- people taking medication (these are better absorbed)
- transporting necessary nutrients, removes the toxins in your cells
- stimulates your DNA
- prevents dehydration
- promotes youthful skin like a young girl
- Everyone has the right to drink living water

Further use:

- washing your fruit and vegetables in living water: they become free from pesticides, nitrates, and air pollution
- immerse your meat, fish, etc. in living water for 20 minutes: they become free of mercury, hormones, anti-biotics, etc.
-make all windows grease-free, eg spectacle glasses, windows, and by using this water, you do not need cleaning chemicals.

Good for the environment, good for your health!

EAURICA offers you a variety of products. Choosing from this is a wise decision because "Prevention is better than cure."


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