What are the consequences of pesticides used in agriculture for human health? (HLN 13 juni 2013  Elsa Vanden Abeele)

According to a report from the INSERM, the French institute that conducts scientific research into the current state of human health, pesticides can be very damaging to pregnant women and newborns. The agricultural materials have negative effects on the development of the child. This can be read on the website of the French newspaper Le Figaro.

If a pregnant woman comes into contact with agricultural pesticides, the risk of miscarriage and birth defects increases with the child. Other studies by the INSERM show that children develop reduced motor skills and vision. In addition, the French institute states that there is an increased risk of leukemia and brain tumors for children. The more children and pregnant women come into contact with pesticides, the more the risks increase.

In what form do they occur?

Pesticides can be present in the environment in various ways. This allows them to sit both indoors and outdoors, but also in the water, in the ground and in food.

Link with Parkinson's disease.

According to the French study, there is a link between herbicides, insecticides and Parkinson's disease. The experts express concern about the unforeseen consequences that pesticides have when they are mixed with multiple toxic substances. The impact on human health is therefore "difficult to predict at the moment". Further studies to investigate the effects of pesticides on human health are therefore recommended.

“PREVENTION IS BETER THAN CURE,” besides it is cheaper & healthier.

Today, environmental pollution is getting more and more serious worldwide. Pollutants can be found everywhere such as harmful substances, dioxin, pesticides residue, hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, etc. They are in the air that we breathe, in the water that we drink, in rivers, bays, oceans where our seafood comes from and in the soil where our vegetables and fruits grow.

Studies show that use of pesticides in agriculture may involve risks to health and environment. Most tap water may contain chlorine, nitrates, heavy metals, etc. Everybody is aware of this problem, and considers buying a water filter.

So, drinking filtered water is not a luxury, it is more of a necessity than an option.

EAURICA offers you a water filter system that is the product of the most modern technology, Made in Germany. The carbon filter removes 99.9% harmful substances from tap water such as chlorine, pesticides, nitrates, hormone, antibiotics, heavy metals, etc. While it retains the necessary minerals and has a neutral pH value. Apart from providing pure, vital and structured drinking water, it has also been proven experimentally that it has the smallest possible clusters of water molecules. This changes tap water that has a high anti-oxidation value.

Scientifically studies show that drinking filtered and structured water protects the body from diseases, boost energy and leads to overall greater health.

EAURICA water filter system has several dozens of applicable functions that can highly improve your living quality:

- for pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding
- for small children (baby bottle, etc.), also by giving them a bath in chlorine-free water
- people taking medication (these are better absorbed)
- transporting necessary nutrients, removes the toxins in your cells
- stimulates your DNA
- prevents the cells from drying out
- promotes youthful skin like a young girl
- everyone has the right to living/structured water

In addition:

-By immersing your fruit and vegetables in this anti-oxidising water for 20 minutes, you obtain fruit and vegetables that are free of pesticides, hormones, etc. makes the food tastier and healthier.
-Even fish becomes mercury-free and has a pure taste.
- Also meat: such as beef, chicken, duck, rabbit, etc. For about 15-30 minutes, pour out the water and then rinse. This will remove antibiotics and harmful substances in meat, it can promote meat freshness and quality.
- Water your plants with anti-oxidant water from EAURICA and they will grow even better.
- Provide your pets with EAURICA filtered water; this is good for their health.
- The best way to clean your eye glasses is to rinse it with EAURICA filtered water, wipe with clean cloth and you have a clean eyeglasses throughout the day or more.
- Cleaning your windows and mirrors by using EAURICA filtered water. By using this water you don’t need any cleaning chemical products.

Good for the environment, good for your health!


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Warning: although the author does her best to ensure that the information provided is correct and unambiguous, she can not in any way guarantee that it is adapted to any individual situation. This information is therefore provided "as is" and without any form of guarantee of result. Thus, the author can not be held responsible for any damage related to a misinterpretation of her comments by the user/reader. Consequently, and for any supposed or proven disease or pathology, the author expressly invites the user/reader to consult his/her doctor who remains, in any case, the only person able to establish a diagnosis and to define, possibly, the adapted treatments.

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