“PREVENTION IS BETER THAN CURE,” besides it is cheaper & healthier.


What value do you put on your health? Or in other words, “What is the value of your health?”

This question comes up so often. We put value in everything but the value we put on health can sometimes be very less. We haven’t got time or energy or just simply not paying attention to the small details of our life especially to our health. We don’t take our health seriously as we should or we take it for granted in the same way as we take for granted the elements of life.

A saying goes, “our health is our greatest wealth.” Without good health life is not life, it is a state of suffering. And thus, maintaining good health is cheaper than being ill. It is important to live a healthy, happy and long life.  In fact, the best investment you can ever make in life is in your own health.

Which are the most important topics to maintain and/ or promote good health?

1/ Try to find your balance between body and mind through meditation
2 / Healthy food and drinking enough of living water
3 / Prevent stress caused by wireless devices such as:  i-phones (UMTS from 3G, 4G, 5G), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, laptops, DECT telephones, baby phones, computer games, microwaves, home security systems, GPS, smart meters, etc. And also from geopathic stress (earth rays) such as Curry and Hartmann lines.

Due to rapidly increasing technological progress, the environmental impact of electro-smog is an increasingly important topic. For example, in my personal opinion, electromagnetic radiation caused by GPS, microwaves, Bluetooth, smart meters, mobile phones, DECT phones, Wi-Fi, etc. can have a negative effect on the health of all living things. Children are most vulnerable to EMF radiation risks because their skull is thinner than adults and their cells may be more sensitive to radiation. Many doctors see potential links between health problems and electromagnetic radiation (from International Doctors Appeal).

The hearts and brains of humans and animals are controlled and regulated by internal bioelectric pulses. If we are exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields, these can have a fundamental impact on biological processes in our body. The danger to living beings due to electromagnetic radiation remains the subject of a controversial debate. Each person should form his/her own opinion in this respect and take his/her own precautions.

Inexplicable complaints:

The human body is a harmonic energy field with different frequencies. All cells communicate through the fine electrical impulses in a natural harmony with each other. However, if negative frequencies enter the cells from outside, natural cell communication is disrupted. And that is why they no longer resonate in their natural wavelength frequencies. That disharmony, in turn, causes diseases.

According to authors of Electrostress & Health Prof. Dr. Ir. Michiel Haas and Henk Wever, MSc. in Germany, health insurance funds and the health minister claim that 30% of all people suffer from environmental distress. This means that they have fallen ill due to disturbing influences from the environment. Electrostress is an important part of that ... In Switzerland and Austria, clearer figures are emerging: in Switzerland, 61% of general practitioners in 2010 see a link between health problems and electromagnetic fields, in Austria even 95% (p. 23-24).

Reports show that many people suffer from various unexplained health problems. In particular those sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, EHS electrosensitivity. This means that there may be a connection between the increased electrosmog and in particular chronic complaints. And is therefore advisable to neutralize the sleeping and working areas so that the cells will not continue to be disturbed the so-called “rouleau effect.” The blood cells look like coins overlapping each other; this makes it impossible for oxygen molecules to connect to them.

When our body is exposed to a magnetic field, a reaction arises because our blood contains iron and the cluster structure of our bio-water that is present in our body in a high percentage. The cell responds to both. In biophysics one speaks of a left spin in the blood cells. This left-hand spider brings the production of red and white blood cells out of balance. The immune system is weakened and that can result in all kinds of diseases, including cancer.

And that is why it is advisable to neutralize the sleeping and working area so that the cells no longer experience the so-called "rouleau effect". The "rouleau effect" makes it impossible for oxygen molecules to connect to the cells.

Therefore, it is indispensable to neutralize so that the cells are protected against negative influences.

EAURICA offers the possibilities for this:

1. VIVOBASE HOME protects the entire house and her residents from EMF radiation
2. VIVOBASE MOBILE against radiation when using GSM and of others
3. VIVOBASE CAR against radiation in the car, fatigue, motion sickness


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Warning: although the author does her best to ensure that the information provided is correct and unambiguous, she can not in any way guarantee that it is adapted to any individual situation. This information is therefore provided "as is" and without any form of guarantee of result. Thus, the author can not be held responsible for any damage related to a misinterpretation of her comments by the user/reader. Consequently, and for any supposed or proven disease or pathology, the author expressly invites the user/reader to consult his/her doctor who remains, in any case, the only person able to establish a diagnosis and to define, possibly, the adapted treatments.

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